The 8 Best Cheap Sleeping Bags

cheap sleeping bags

There’s something incredibly comforting about hunkering down in a cozy sleeping bag under the stars. I often find that I sleep better outdoors than at home – something to do with being out in the fresh air, perhaps.

Like many things in life, top quality sleeping bags are expensive. But unlike tents, this is one piece of kit where you can get away with buying a cheap option, particularly if weight and pack size isn’t an issue.

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The Seven Best Coleman Sleeping Bags

coleman sleeping bags

My sleeping bag is hands down my most treasured piece of camping gear. I’ve had my current sleeping bag for over fifteen years and although it’s looking a little well-loved, it still keeps me cozy and warm.

In fact, given my sleeping bag has been with me longer than any romantic partner, you could say it’s my favorite sleeping companion. (Sorry, husband…)

If you’re looking for the love of your life a new sleeping bag that won’t break the bank, then it’s worth looking at the Coleman range of bags.

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