Get Motivated with These Inspirational Camping Quotes

camping quotes

When you’re stuck in your office in the city or overwhelmed by household chores, it can sometimes be difficult to remember the smell of a campfire or the vast array of stars painted across a moonlit sky.

These experiences are what life is made for. You just might need reminding of this occasionally.

That’s where quotes come in. Whether it prompts you to take action, brightens up your day or reminds you of past adventures, the right quote can help inspire and motivate you.

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The Ultimate Guide to Portable Power at the Campsite

camp battery

One of the things I love most about camping is getting away from my computer for a few days. It’s nice to have a digital detox and just enjoy being outdoors.

But this can be taken too far… Having lights, a Kindle or tablet for entertainment, and a charged phone to check the weather forecast (or post your camping pics on Instagram) can make your camping trip feel like a relaxing break rather than a survival experience.

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How to Create The Perfect Camping Kitchen

camping kitchen

When you think of camping and cooking, you may picture yourself crouched uncomfortably on the floor huddled over a gas stove or trying to scrub dried porridge of the bottom of your pot.

And, I have to admit, I’ve been there…

But if you’re car camping, you don’t have to worry so much about space and weight, which means you can create a camping kitchen which works for you and doesn’t leave you clutching your aching back every night.

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Tent Review: Kelty Grand Mesa 4

Kelty Grand Mesa 4 review

What’s the definition of a four-person tent?

The left-brained people among you may believe that it’s a tent designed for four people to sleep in. If that’s the case, you obviously don’t work for a tent manufacturer, many of whom assume (erroneously) that they’re designing tents for slim, five-foot-five campers who are happy to bunk in head to toe and aren’t fussed about personal space.

To complicate things further, one manufacturer’s three-person tent may be smaller than another manufacturer’s two-person tent. And don’t get me started on one-and-a-half person tents. Just which half of the second person are you supposed to chop off?

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