Who is "In Case of Camping?"

I love camping and adventures. 

But it wasn't always like this. There was a time I hated everything outdoors.

When I was a kid, my dad used to take us on a trail hike into the Finnish backcountry. After a seemingly endless journey through the woods, we reached our destination, a patch of land which was for some reason more special than all the patches of land before it.

Then came the best part of the trip: camping pancakes (or räiskäle in Finnish). My dad makes the best camping pancakes in all of history, or so he says. 

Still, why we couldn't just have camping pancakes two hours earlier, before all the forest hiking stuff, was beyond me.

For just a moment, everything was perfect. Mouth full of strawberry jam and warm pancake, sitting in the silence of nature. For just that tiny window in time, I didn't mind the endless assault of mosquitos. Sometimes we'd even put up a tent and stay for the night, enjoying the gentle outdoors air.


But then came the journey back and dragging all that stuff back down the trail, which soon soured the taste of räiskäle in my mouth. For years I avoided everything camping related. I just wasn't interested in the journey.

Eventually I was introduced to a more pleasant form of outdooring. A medium between citylife and hardcore backpacking. Car camping. Campsites. Easy trails, walking distance from the car.

That's what "In Case of Camping" is about. For all of us who love the forest air. The peace outside the city hustle. The beautiful vistas opening up just behind the corner next to the car park. For all of us who love the camping pancakes but not the mosquito ridden Via Dolorosa to get there.



J.J. Pitkänen

Known to rent cheap cars, drive to exotic locations to camp for the night and enjoy some good wine.

Marketer by day, JJ's in charge of editorial tasks and day to day operations here at ICoC. At night you'll find him pitching tents in his living room.

Anastasia Saburova

Anastasia is on a journey to find the greenest leaves, clearest blue waters and tastiest sushi.

She's can assemble IKEA furniture faster than the average mechanical engineer, and pitch a Hilleberg tent without reading the instructions first.

With an artist's eye for beauty and composition, she's the genius behind the artwork on the ICoC website.


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